This is a sign of sensitive skin. Products designed especially for sensitivity in the skin should help reduce the redness a little. x
Use a corrector/concealer x

I need some beauty advice!

Basically, when not wearing any foundation my skin (cheeks, chin etc) is constantly pinky/red.

Are there any products out there to help tone it down?



where’s the best place, online or in store, to buy levi shorts? Now the weather is getting sunnier i think it’s time to invest!

I’ve been in relationships before, especially my previous one, where i thought i loved them, that we were in love and nothing would break us apart.

Can i just say how bloody wrong i was. I promise you now, you undoubtedly know when you’re in love, it’s a feeling that is completely out of this world and there is just nothing that compares to it. I can honestly say i have never been this happy, where every moment, whether i’m there beside him or apart, my heart constantly feels like its ready to burst at any moment. To know that we equally adore and trust each other to the end of the earth is what makes it so special.

I know this is an incredibly cheesy post, but as of late i’ve seen a few posts about heartbreak, and just trust me when i say if you’re not happy in the relationship you’re in, or there’s no trust between you, then theres someone out there who will completely turn your world upside down.

I truly believe that there’s someone in this world for everyone, a soulmate, and i will be forever thankful that mine walked into my life around this time last year. The first thing my boy said to his friend when he saw me sat in the same seminar as him was ‘she’s going to be my girlfriend one day’ and after much persistence, i can happily say it’s come true.


Snow pig.
If it wasn’t for the bleached hair I would have looked like a massive 12 year old emo the other night 💀💀 #becausemyheartisinohio
these are lovely!

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